Experiences from earlier cruises

From here you can find some experiences of the students who have participated to the previous Triangeli-cruises! Read and learn ;)

"Extremely fun! I have to join again next year"

"It was awesome in the ship. Atmosphere was great, lots of old friends and also some new acquaintances"

"Fucking awesome!"

"Our bus was totally magnificent. The trip leader was amazing!!!"

"It was an awesome trip! We didn't get bored in any place and we had fun! We had enough program and breaks."

"Bus trips were fun and time went flying by! We had right amount of program, free time and good music."

"Have you seen an extra pair of glasses anywhere??" 

"We danced and laughed long to the night and went to sauna and swimming on the next day. It was really relaxing!"

"A pastor who preached in the name of father drunkness in the tone of the song 133 from the Laulumatti book. He also hoped that all heathens would have a sober life for the rest of their lives."